#NHS under Tories can’t cope with basics, let alone defend v #NHScyberattack


nhshack.pngThe mainstream and social media are flooded with talk about the huge cyber-attack on the NHS, with numerous hospitals and even GP surgeries affected, operations cancelled and people told not to attend even A&E except in the most dire circumstances.

Let’s be clear – there are no perfect defences against hacking and cyber-attack. But for this many facilities to be taken down simultaneously is a sign of a system that was already under extreme stress. And for that, the Tories must take responsibility.

While the Tories have been perfectly happy to lie about their NHS spending, even when they’ve received multiple rebukes from the UK Statistics Authority for their false claims, the reality is that real-terms NHS spending has fallen since 2010 – and their claim of putting £10 billion extra into the Health Service was rubbished even by the Tory chair of the Commons Health Committee.

Even the money the…

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