Corbyn on the Kop: Hope in our hearts

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

Today there was a new banner on the Kop. It took pride of place in front of the pitch. If the TV cameras wanted to show it, they’d have had no trouble finding it. They didn’t bother. That was no surprise, but then neither was this display of solidarity with a veteran campaigner for social justice, Jeremy Corbyn, from a group of supporters who share his passion for fairness and truth.

The local paper, the Liverpool Echo, ran a poll asking supporters whether they agreed with the banner. Nearly three quarters of those who voted said they’d be proud to see it on the Kop.

I’ve been in love with Liverpool Football Club my whole life. In my childhood Anfield, despite its austere surroundings and primitive interior, was an almost mystical place, where acts of magic were regularly performed. The players were giants and the club’s managers, Shankly and…

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