Tory voters switch to Labour as millions visit NUT #schoolcuts app #GE17


In January, long before Theresa May panicked and called a General Election, the SKWAWKBOX reported the phenomenon of lifelong Tory voters, even in traditionally Tory areas, switching to Labour because of the Conservative party’s assault on the NHS:

Tories to Labour.png

Since Labour’s party political broadcast on the subject last week, reports are starting to reach the SKWAWKBOX of a similar trend caused by Tory funding cuts to education, with the situation described by these Twitter users typical:

waby switch.png

The National Union of Teachers (NUT)school-cuts calculatorreferred to seems to be playing a significant part in this phenomenon – and Labour’s firm policy position on education appears to have played a major role in that.

In spite of a 2015 manifesto promise to ring-fence…

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