(630,000 and) 6 reasons not to be worn down by media, polling and ‘moderates’


As someone reasonably well-connected and with a fairly widely-read blog, I receive a lot of comments and information from Labour members, supporters, union members and others. Over recent weeks, there has been an upturn in the number of people making comments to the effect of

I’m feeling worn down by the constant plots, supposed poor polling and the talking-down of Labour and Corbyn by both the media and disloyal MPs.

As I keep a close eye on all of those areas, I can empathise.

The latest ‘silent coup’ phase of Tom Watson’s ‘Project Anaconda’, which follows an attempted power-grab at the party conference in September, consists of right-wing ‘Labour’ MPs constantly claiming “there’s no plan”, even when it’s pointed out to them, while the Labour bureaucracy does its best to ignore or downplay Corbyn’s excellent policy platform. This is designed to take a toll on the spirits of pro-Corbyn members and…

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