Honest Tories rare in politics – but they know May is the #HollowWoman #GE2017


may vacuousImage courtesy of excellent work by @UKDemockery

Tim Montgomerie is a former Times comment editor, co-founder of The Centre for Social Justice alongside former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and founder of the Conservative Home website. He has been described as:

oneof the most important Conservative activists of the past 20 years


In the eyes of most MPs, Montgomerie [is] one of the most influential Tories outside the cabinet

This morning, he made a remarkable comment about Theresa May following her interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

montgomerieMrs May is merely copying a standard Cameron tactic. As soon as the former PM said “Let me be very clear”, you knew he was about to lie, obfuscate, muddy the waters – anythingbut be clear, basically.

But Montgomerie is a journalist who takes care with his choice of words. So that he used ‘vacuous’ – 

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