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    “The most savage of Tory governments:
    And statistics back up Stefanovic’s views. Since the Tories first came to power in the 2010 Coalition government:

    400,000 children are now living in poverty, a figure which rose 100,000 in 2015/16. 67% of those are from working families.
    Food bank usage has risen, with over half a million people reliant [paywall] on just the Trussell Trust for food packages.
    In two reports, the UN heavily criticised the Tories for “grave” and “systematic” violations of disabled people’s human rights. The government, meanwhile, has severely cut their benefits.
    The past year has seen strikes by junior doctors, rail workers, teaching assistants, library workers, and other public sector staff. Their pay increases have mostly been capped [paywall] at 1%.
    National debt has increased by more than 50%.
    Homelessness has risen by 54%.
    Corporations have seen tax cuts [pdf] while the tax gap is around £120bn per year.
    The NHS has seen a real terms cut in the amount of money given to it per patient. While the amount of NHS money paid to ‘independent’ companies has more than doubled to £8bn a year.
    The government has cut the number of people getting social care by 26%. And it has cut £50m from children’s mental health services.”

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