@TomBlenkinsop blames Corbyn.. for loss in his OWN constituency where he lost 11


The desperation of smears by right-wing Labour figures reached a new low tonight. Labour lost a council seat in Coulby Newham, a well-to-do Middlesbrough ward that borders on another even more wealthy part of town and one that has always had a substantial Tory vote.

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP since 2010, Tom Blenkinsop is one of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s most entrenched opponents – and tonight he lost no time at all in trying to pin the blame for the loss on Corbyn:

blenk1.pngHere’s the thing – Coulby Newham is in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland. Blenkinsop’s own constituency.

This writer has met Tom Blenkinsop on a number of occasions – mostly on the terrace at Westminster, but elsewhere too. You would be quite hard-pressed to find a more arrogant, less personable or engaging human being – even among blairite MPs.

Leaving aside any questions of the…

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