SHOCK, HORROR, OUTRAGE! Corbyn wants EVERY Child To EAT At Least 1 Decent MEAL A Day—MSM’s disgusting Response To Corbyn’s Policy Proposal

Enemy In A State

The mainstream media’s (MSM) response to Jeremy Corbyn’s recent free school meals policy proposal — which would be funded by the introduction of VAT on tax-dodging private schools  — perfectly illustrates just how far to the right the MSM and mainstream political spectrum has shifted over the years. It is now considered controversial for a left-wing politician to say that they want to ensure every child under the age of 11 is able to eat at least 1 decent meal 5 out of the 7 days of the week — during term time.  

Like most of Corbyn’s policy proposals, the latest is tepidly modest by traditional socialist standards — because Corbyn is clearly and simply a standard center-leftist himself — hardly the dangerous and crazy socialist that the MSM so tirelessly and ridiculously brands him on a daily basis.

The fact that the policy would be paid for by taxing…

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