Pro-Corbyn Conference delegates sweep board at Welsh CLP


The SKWAWKBOX recently covered a pro-Corbyn triumph at Bristol West CLP (constituency Labour party), which selected no fewer than nineteen delegates for Labour’s annual Conference in Brighton. All 19 are Corbyn supporters.

It’s vital for every CLP to select delegates for the Conference who are solidly behind the new vision and direction of the Labour Party – or, more accurately, behind its return as a genuine alternative to the Tories – because there are crucial measures to support and right-wing attempts to block left-wing leadership candidates permanently that must be defeated.

So this blog has been calling on Labour’s pro-Corbyn majority to organise to match the right’s attempts to control the party’s structures and processes – attempts that will sink to blatantly anti-democratic measures to achieve right-wing ends.

Just like Bristol, pro-Corbyn members of one CLP in Wales – which won’t be named because of the risk of suspension of the CLP…

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