Murdoch links ‘blow hole in Watson’s credentials’


Tom Watson’s status as a campaigning MP against Rupert Murdoch has long been the mainstay of his credibility – he’s even written a book about it, Dial M for Murdoch. The cracks appeared in that edifice last week when he chose to continue to stand behind Gerard Coyne even when Coyne took to the Murdoch-owned The Sun to smear his Unite rival Len McCluskey.

Those cracks now look like widening rapidly as further connections to Murdoch, in which Watson opted to accept or ignore Murdoch links in key allies and staff, come to light.

The Comms Chief

watson andTom Watson and James Robinson leaving Parliament last week

Watson’s director of communications, James Robinson, is a former media editor at the Guardian. At first glance, he would appear a good match for Watson’s anti-Murdoch persona – his index page on the Guardian website reveals a string of pieces on the involvement of the…

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