Coyne’s blatant funding hypocrisy shows who his real target is


Gerard Coyne continues to disgrace himself with financial smears on his opponent Len McCluskey and the union he hopes to lead. As well as his fallacious attack on Unite for investing in an apartment it will sell at a profit whenever it wishes, he has tried to attack McCluskey and Unite over funding for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign:

coyne funding hypoc.pngTo say that this shows his desperation would be an understatement. But it’s also a textbook case of shameless hypocrisy.

In 2015, Coyne endorsed Tom Watson for the Labour deputy leader’s position:

coyne watson 20yrs.pngAs the Electoral Commission site shows, Unite then put almost £90,000 into Watson’s campaign.

unite watson donate.pngAccording to Coyne, that money was not ‘wasted propping up’ Tom Watson, while funds invested in the leadership of the Labour Party to which Unite is officially affiliated and the man that Unite officially supports is. Wonder what that says about the motivation for his…

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