Corbyn supporters need to back #McDonnellAmendment. Here’s how.


I was asked to do a shorter version of an earlier post on this topic. Here it is.

mcdonnell-conferenceAs the rules currently stand, the far-too-numerous right-wing Labour MPs/MEPs can realistically blockany left-wing candidate from being able to stand in any future leadership election. The way the rules work requires a number of nominations that might well not be achievable for a genuine-Labour MP – given the current proportion of right-wing members of the parliamentary Labour party.

Even though that candidate would win by a landslide among the 500,000+ Labour members if they did make it onto the ballot.

The McDonnell Amendment aims to change that by reducing the nominations threshold so that it should always be possible to give the members at least one left-wing candidate they would want to support, instead of a ‘pick your shade of blue‘ list.

If you are a Labour member or…

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