Watson: “it’s better for the future of the party that I go now”


watsonsweatsThe SKWAWKBOX has covered this week increasingly firm reports that Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry is planning to challenge Tom Watson for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party – and has already gathered significant supporting nominations.

Watson, meanwhile, is running scared and is hoping he can avoid a contest. A source close to the Labour leadership told the SKWAWKBOX that Watson “doesn’t have the [bottle – not the word used!]” for the fight.

It appears that this is far from a new phenomenon – and that Watson himself knows full well that the Labout Party can’t thrive with him on the front bench.

In 2013, Tom Watson was a member of Ed Miliband’s front bench in Opposition and decided to resign. He published his resignation letter on his website – but later deleted it. However, thanks to the Wayback Machine’s archiving service, the whole thing is still available…

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