Did #Hammond take a directorship with a false DOB and not declare it?


(Note: the information in this article raises concerns over apparent discrepancies between Companies House records and the Chancellor’s parliamentary declarations. If you have further information or insights pertaining to the subject of this article, please indicate this to the author via the comments and I will contact you for details.)

Philip Hammond’s refusal to reveal his tax affairs – despite the fact that Labour’s leader and Shadow Chancellor and even the Prime Minister disclosed theirs – has raised serious questions about what he’s so keen to hide.

hammond smirk.pngNow the SKWAWKBOX has uncovered some troubling information about Chancellor’s history that raises further concerns and may suggest that the Chancellor took steps to avoid disclosing at least one directorship that should have been added to his parliamentary “register of members’ interests” (RoMI).

As his Companies House (CH) entry reveals, Hammond has been a director of 19 companies, although none…

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