Two EDMs have been tabled to stop Tory cuts to disability support, with cross-party endorsement

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aaeaaqaaaaaaaad4aaaajdk1ytqwzdyxltjinwytngjhmc05njdlltmyzmu4mty4owi5zaI reported last week that the Liberal Democrats were planning an Early Day Motion (EDM) to halt the government’s authoritarian Personal Independence Payment (PIP) regulations. The new regulations are designed by the government to disregard the rulings of two upper tribunals regarding the scope of eligibility criteria for disabled people claiming PIP. However, upper tribunals are part of a body of administrative law that governs the activities of the administrative agencies of government. It is designed to independently review the decisions of governments, and as such, it provides protection and promotion of fundamental rights and freedoms for citizens.

The Upper Tribunal is a superiorcourt of record, giving it equivalent status to the High Court and it can both setprecedentsand can enforce its decisions (and those of the First-tier Tribunal) without the need to ask the High Court or theCourt of Session

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