#CliveLewis: Guardian got it wrong, the right is attacking me, not the left


The SKWAWKBOX has talked to Labour MP Clive Lewis this afternoon, who has asked for help correcting a false impression created by the media about his opinion regarding the source of the fake websites set up in his name last June.

This blog’s article in the early hours of this morning stated, based on a Guardian article about the sites, that Mr Lewis thought the left was responsible for the attempt to smear him. Clive wishes to clarify that the Guardian’s claim resulted from a misunderstanding by the newspaper, which they subsequently corrected at his request (and fair play to them for that).

He went on to elaborate that he firmly believes Labour’s right-wing faction are firmly at the centre of the ‘false flag’ move, pointing the finger at a journalist deeply involved in the ‘scandal’ that he says is a ‘go to journalist’ for the incongruously-named ‘moderates’.

This would fit…

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