Exclusive: #Nuttall says BBC copied his #Hillsborough ‘mistake’. Proof they didn’t


Paul Nuttall’s latest attempt to squirm out of responsibility for his Hillsborough guilt is, apparently, to claim that the article – ‘accidentally’ created by UKIP press officer Lynda Roughley – was posted before the BBC article that quotes him making his ‘close pals’ claim.

In other words, Roughley put up an incorrect article on his website and the BBC copied it – creating a false impression that he had personally made the claim, therefore he wasn’t lying when he denied making the claim to Radio City yesterday.

Inventive. Completely false. And there’s proof – which he today tried to remove.

nicked.pngThe Content Management Systems (CMS) of both the BBC website and Paul Nuttall’s website buries the exact date and, more importantly, the time of creation for their entries within HTML markup – even though the pages don’t display the time .

In the source markup of the 2011 BBC article

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