A message to the good people of Stoke: Let’s propel Nuttall & UKIP into the dustbin of history

Road To Somewhere Else


By Daniel Margrain

During his barnstorming speech at the last Labour Party Conference, Jeremy Corbyn said:

“If you believe, like me, it’s a scandal that here in Britain, in the sixth biggest economy in the world, 4 million children are in poverty, 6 million workers are paid less than the living wage. And if, like me, you believe we can do things far better, then help me build support for a genuine alternative that will invest in our future – a more prosperous future – in which the wealth we all create is shared more equally.”

Buoyed by the electoral success of Trump, as well as the disorientation of large sections of the left resulting largely from the growth in right-wing populism throughout Europe, Paul Nuttall, during the Stoke by-election campaign, will exploit these issues by cynically using the kind, of socialist language of Corbyn above, in an attempt…

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