Thursdays demonstration. Claimant turned away from the Jobcentre because he was two minutes early.

The poor side of life

Thursday was our regular demo day and it was freezing. Despite the weather we had a good turn out and we handed six food parcels out as well as packs of toiletries that had been kindly donated. These are essential because when you have no money they aren’t a priority, food and keeping warm is. So these are always warmly welcome.

We spoke to many people and offered solidarity, advice and signposted everyone that needed to be signposted.

Like I have mentioned before, Christmas is not a joyful time for many so seeing a friendly face really makes a big difference.

We spoke to a man, whom we had noticed had been walking in and out of the building. A member of the team asked him what was wrong? Why all the visits? He stated that they had turned him away because he was two minutes early. Yes two minutes.

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