Our Dickensian Christmas Demonstration.

The poor side of life

Yesterday, on Thursday the 15th of December we held our annual Christmas demonstration.

We chose the theme because of the similarities between life for the poor in Victorian times, and life for the poor in present times. Also comparable are the attitudes of the government and employers.

Sanctions and ESA failed medicals are being handed out like smarties it seems, and for those affected its horrendous. They can’t see their way out.

Many hide away, give up or commit suicide, and of course the government don’t care. Teresa May, our unelected prime minister views these draconian methods as ‘Value for money’ which only goes to prove that once again, we are seen as a commodity to be used at any cost, and thrown away when your usefulness has diminished.

In Victorian times, the Workhouse was a place that was only visited when at your most desperate. A choice had to…

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