List of MPs who voted or abstained to crush disabled people in preparation for tax cuts

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IMG_20160312_123525Like a Robin Hood in reverse, stealing from the poor to give to the rich, the path is now clear for Chancellor George Osborne to share the spoils of these heartless attacks by divvying up the ‘stolen money’ between greedy middle class voters in the comfortably-off Tory heartlands.  And in return, these underdeveloped, amoral human beings will put their ‘x’ in the right box.

There were 16 cowardly Tory abstentions:

David Cameron and 15 others (names to follow as I locate them…) Jeremy Lefroy, Gary Streeter, Fiona Bruce, David Amess, Pauline Latham, Andrew Murrison, Helen Grant, 

26 callous Labour right-wingers did their bit to stick the knife in by abstaining (names to follow as I locate them…) Gavin Shuker, Stephen Twigg, Kate Green, Albert Owen, Dawn Butler, Mike Gapes, Lindsay Hoyle, Bridget Phillipson, Sadiq Khan (Labour candidate for London Mayor), Barry Sheerman, Margaret Hodge, Ann Clwyd, Chukka Ummuna, 

And two compromised, stitched-up…

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1 thought on “List of MPs who voted or abstained to crush disabled people in preparation for tax cuts

  1. You’ll know from the comment on the original blog post that SNP’s Ian Blackford was home sick. Blackford has an otherwise excellent voting record when it comes to Welfare and disability issues. His disabled constituents clearly think highly of him.

    I contacted Lisa Cameron of the SNP who usually always has our back when it comes to disability issues. She was unable to vote because she was working out of the country at the time.

    She writes :

    I am a member of the International Development Select Committee and we left for Nigeria to conduct an enquiry into Boko Haram’s effect on Education for Girls before the Lords passed their voted amendment on the Monday. All members of the committee were unable to return in time for this vote (both Government and opposition who were paired). I am chair of the Disability All Party Parliamentary Group at Westminster and I always do all I can to support and protect disabled people as you will see both from my prior voting record on this issue and my questioning of the Government about services for disabled people (Please see They Work for You Website)
    So you see, neither of the two SNP MPs mentioned here had any choice.

    I’ve been a disability advocate for 8 years and started sparring with Westminster politicians over this before the Welfare Reform Act 2012 was even a bill. Since before Atos became famous. I’m not going against the disabled community (of which I am part) to defend perceived “nasty, uncaring politicians”. However, I will say that there will be perfectly good reasons for some MPs not being able to attend that vote. It may be prudent to check with them before “shaming” them because some of them don’t deserve shaming. That includes sharing things that haven’t been fully checked.

    I’d appreciate it if you could make it clear somewhere on this page that both SNP MPs had legitimate reasons for not making the vote.

    Rebloggers – please take note before sharing.


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