DWP in court next week to stop Universal Credit reports being published

Clearly IDS has much to hide on his pet project UniCred.
Either the failure of the project itself or the criticism of him being in charge of it.
My guess is its the lattter he is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds of Tax Payers money on!
Austerity, the Deficit and the National Debt come way down the list of fiscal priorities when Dunkd’in Shits reputation is at stake.


By Tony Collins

dwpAt an FOI tribunal next week at Leicester Magistrates Court  (Monday, 22 February 2016) a legal team paid for by taxpayers will do their best to convince a judge that three reports on the Universal Credit IT programme must not be published.

It will be the latest hearing in a succession of DWP legal actions to stop a risk register, issues register and a Major Projects Authority project assessment review being published.

Lawyers for the DWP have compiled a series of “bundles” – case folders. The volume of this legal paperwork hints at the mounting costs of the case which dates back three years.

In 2012 IT projects professional John Slater made an FOI request for three Universal Credit reports: the risk register,  issues register and milestone schedule.   Separately, but around the same time, I requested the project assessment review.

The DWP released the milestone schedule last…

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