How does the DWP ensure that concerns raised by coroners after inquests into the deaths of benefit claimants are not just put in a file and forgotten about? – It doesn’t and it wants them to be forgotten. In fact, it doesn’t want you to know about them in the first place!

WOW Petition Campaign

The WOWpetition spoke at the 10,000 cuts and counting service of remembrance in Parliament Square on the 8th September 2013 as we truly believed the evidence strongly suggested disabled people were being targeted by the ConDem’s and this was a causal factor in some deaths. Rather then accept that reasonable people held this belief and reassure them that this wasn’t the case, we have been told by Government Ministers that disabled people die because they’re disabled, “trolled” by journalists telling us the statistics don’t mean what they say, lied to by Iain Duncan Smith who said the statistics didn’t exist barely weeks before they were published and had to deal with this Government continually trying to hide the actuality & delay releasing the truth.
It is of no surprise to the WOWcampaign that the DWP do not professionally manage the correspondence from Coroners nor ensure that any recommendations or findings…

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