Tories and the police


The Tory government of the 1980s was aware enough to ensure that the police were on its side.  Job security, career progression, early and relatively generous pensions and readily available overtime with increased pay were standard for the men and women in blue in that decade.  Further, the police were exempt from true scrutiny: From the brutality of Orgreave to the indifference and incompetence at Hillsborough via systematic racism throughout the country, the police operated without fear of repercussions.

The present Tory government does not favour the police at all.  For Cameron, May and friends, the police are civil servants funded via taxation who, like teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, social workers, etc., can be treated with contempt, a lack of respect and, ultimately, discarded.  As for all civil servants, the Tories abhor the previous job security, career prospects and pensions that the police would have enjoyed.  The motivation for the Tories’…

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