Cameron ridiculed for hypocrisy and quoting Corbyn out of context

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“Bin Laden’s death a tragedy”: Cameron is widely ridiculed as hypocritical attack on Corbyn backfires


Cameron has been subjected to much ridicule this week, after he misquoted the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, taking his comments out of context, during the Prime minster’s Conservative party conference speech. This led to thousands of people sharing a video of Cameron himself describing Osama bin Laden’s death as “a tragedy.” 

The point was very deftly well made.

Cameron was hoist by his own petulant petard.

Mr Cameron failed to provide any context about Mr Corbyn’s previous comments, neglecting to mention the fact that Mr Corbyn had actually said that the lack of trial for Bin Laden was the “tragedy” not the terrorist leaders death itself.

Mr Corbyn’s original comments had come from an interview with Iranian news channel, The Agenda. During the interview, Jeremy Corbyn, who was actually introduced…

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