We must remember. We cannot forget.

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So exactly how cynical can one person be? How unsympathetic? How callous?

Well, after what I’ve been reading online, and in the papers, this morning, as far as I am concerned Alex Wild takes a lot of beating.

Never heard of him? Well, let me enlighten you. Alex Wild, is the the Research Director for the think tank, Tax Payers Alliance. Mr Wild has been quoted this morning as having said that Government Ministers should hurry up and make cuts to pensioner benefits as quickly as possible. What cuts is he talking about here? These cuts that will be highly unpopular. Well, amongst other things, Mr Wild reckons that cuts need to be made to Winter Fuel Allowances, Free bus passes and the £10 Christmas Bonus.

Lovely man.

So, what Is it that he wants? Is it that poorer pensioners, older people who have worked hard for many, many years…

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