Cameron Raises Costs of Freedom of Information Requests 60X ?

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I heard last week that the government was intending to raise the fees charged for requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act from £10 to £600. I really don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is, it shows that the government is very worried. In fact, from this it seems that they’re actually terrified witless of people finding out what’s really going on and how their policies are wrecking lives and killing people.

I’ve no doubt that if challenged, the Tories would probably try to justify this exorbitant rise with some flim-flam about it representing the real costs of finding the information, and that searches for it take civil servants away from their real job, which is getting the country back on its feet after decades of Labour misrule… and so on. The lies, excuses and prevarications they use are pretty much the same…

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