The five most dangerous myths about sickness and disability benefits – Frances Ryan

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486294_4737578711832_1816039541_nHere is an excellent article by Frances Ryan, originally posted in the New Statesman yesterday.

Iain Duncan Smith’s “overhaul” of the benefit system is surrounded by harmful distortions.

292533_330073053728896_1536469241_nIn a major speech, Iain Duncan Smith has called for an “overhaul” of the disability and sickness benefit system.

As a man with a history of not knowing the difference between fact and “some stuff I made up because it seemed to help at the time”, it worried me to see that the work and pensions secretary seemed to find himself here again.

In the old-fashioned belief public policy should be based on reality, here’s five myths around sickness and disability benefits:

1. Disability and sickness benefits are a sign of welfare dependency

Creating the impression that you’re going to announce a humane, competent understanding of disability and sickness doesn’t get off to a great start when the entire first…

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