Ending Own Life Would Be Easiest Option, Says Terminally Ill Man

Same Difference

Caller Jeff tells LBC that Britain is letting down its most vulnerable after he was turned down for benefits, despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer.


Jeff opened his heart to Tom Swarbrick during a discussion about how thousands of people have died shortly after being declared “fit for work” by the Department of Work and Pensions.

“I’ve got a couple of months to live…and after working for 46 years, they refused me Jobseeker’s. I’ve been contemplating suicide – I think it’s just terrible that the Government can’t help.”

A very emotional Jeff also slammed the Government for not doing enough to help British citizens, saying: “I thought charity began at home…suicide would be the easiest option.

“I worked for 46 years off, never took a day off sick. And when I went down with cancer…I’m just too weak to work.”

Listen to the powerful call above.

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