A Leaflet From The DWP- It’s About To Get Worse For Disabled People

Same Difference

I spotted this late last night on the ATOS Miracles Facebook page.

This was sent to us from  an inside source on dwp intranet
From the DWP intranet page- watch them spin it as working for your welfare you’ve not got the skills etc to get work after years out of the Job market so these employers are wiling to work with dwp to
Enable those without skills to get skills. If you don’t comply we will sanction you, so tesco etc will get free labour again under the guise of being altruistic
When IDS said relentless he meant it. I can just hear him saying the above.

dwp intranet

Updated 2pm: Many thanks to reader Liane Gomersall who sent in a page of information about how Remploy will run SES programmes.

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