For what it’s worth

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I’ve yet to see a challenge to the Tory proposition that citizenship and rights can be detemined by how hard-working a person is. Of course the definition of “hard-working” is narrowly restricted to categories of paid employment.

It’s complete and utter nonsense.

People’s worth isn’t measured in terms of what they can do for someone else. Or their participation in a neoliberal economy. Human worth is universal, regardless of whether or not we work to make someone else rich.

Nor is entrepreneurship the pinnacle of human achievement.


We decided, agreed and ratified that each human life has equal worth at an international level after the consequences of hierarchical thinking culminated in the atrocities of World War Two. Hitler thought that some people were worth more than others. Look where that got us. However, we progressed, we learned. We evolved.

But it’s a lesson the Tories clearly have forgotten…

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