Ex Jobcentre workers signing on….

The poor side of life

The other week I heard a story about ex Jobcentre workers signing on at a Jobcentre not too far away. I was interested in this so I did some research. Every article on my blog is fully researched.

I found it to be true.. Yes there are ex Jobcentre workers that are signing on. But these Jobcentre workers are mostly the disabled and the older workers that have been pushed into taking redundancy or the equivalent of this. I learnt that these workers were treated extremely badly and many couldn’t handle the stress anymore. I wonder how long it will be before they are sanctioned and are victims of the system that they helped to create?

I know that many Jobcentre workers aren’t sympathetic, the nicer ones have been pushed out. The ones that would actually help you have gone, replaced with the over enthusiastic and zealous advisors. I found…

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