WORKLESS HOUSEHOLDS: Cameron’s lies and Labour’s limp response examined in full.

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edscamosptnetYou have to hand it to the Prime Minister, he is consistently incorrigible and sloppy. Give him a statistic to big up, and he’ll get it wrong via an injudicious mixture of mendacity and incompetence.

So it was yesterday with the tweet ‘There are 450,000 fewer workless households since 2010 – more families with more financial security. Our #LongTermEconomicPlan is working.’ Just to quickly deconstruct this bollocks,

1. According to the data, there are indeed that many fewer households described as ‘workless’. But to remake the same point yet again, this DWP research is not an audit: it is a self-completion survey, and on such a sensitive issue as being jobless, it will almost certainly understate the real level of the problem.

2. There is a thing called the cohort effect that’s been talked about for years in relation to such studies. An ONS release of August 18th…

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