This Tory government is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, doesn’t that bother you?!


We need to do more than talk, we must organise and take direct action. Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to become Labour leader has started a potent movement and united thousands of us together from all over with different causes, we must use this energy and togetherness to organise and take action, now.

Please read the following, which will hopefully outline just some of what people with disabilities/health difficulties have to endure, that should hopefully ignite something inside you to want to do something to stop it. That will hopefully spark a desire to take action.

Please read and then contact me about organising to stop the deaths and suffering of societies most vulnerable at the hands of our plutocracy.

If you have a disability, fluctuating condition, or any health issue that you’re trying to manage, improve or recover from then the current engineered culture has meant you’re in a…

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