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Modern politics are stale politics, and have become meaningless to so many. The number of people engaging in voting has been in decline since 1945. Working class voters  are detached from the political process, their voices unheard as politicians  became middle-class, Oxbridge PPE educated.

Heath-fig-1Working Class MPs in Britain (%), 1964-2010 

(The rise of Middle class in politics)

So Westminster has become more and more remote, and politicians further from identifying with the needs of ordinary people. The People’s Parliament is supposed to be the mouthpiece of people. Politicians are elected to serve people and speak for people. These days governments seem to be about controlling people. Politics is Upside-Down. Rather than people making decisions we are being told what to do. Or what we can’t do.

We are told we cannot afford compassion, we cannot ensure our social security, we cannot afford health and education, and decent…

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1 thought on “Better Politics – Different Politics – Corbyn Politics

  1. Ha! Ha! And what does Corbyn want to do? He wants to make it easier for the offspring of middle and upper class families to go to university for free at taxpayer’s expense. Corbyn, himself middle class, poses no danger to middle class perquisites, in fact, he plans to extend them by at least £10 billion per year.

    And Corbyn uses the middle class euphemism of tax evasion when referring to, what most people refer to, as £80 billion of tax fraud!

    Corbyn has become a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Hardly surprising really, given the middle class nature of his two constituencies, his Parliamentary seat and his Labour Leadership supporters.

    Corbyn, if elected leader of the Labour Party, will not be a standard bearer for the working class, but Islington Socialists and Guardianistas.

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