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Response to the Corbyn Phenomenon

As a working class member of the Labour Party, a minority of its membership which is mostly white and middle class, I have no time for the Corbyn Experiment and fact free comment pieces arguing for it. When I studied economics we theorised with data rather than not:

Red Alert: why Labour lost and what needs to change?

Labour lost because voters believed it was anti-austerity

Never Again: Lessons from Labour’s key seats

Labour has to stop patronising socially conservative voters

Currently, Corbyn and his supporters are at the denial and isolation stage of the five stages of grief. Their reaction, their grasping of a comfort blanket is understandable. However, the Labour Party’s Leadership electorate members are like the members of any party not the same as party voters.

Post-election research by Tim Bale and Paul Webb (Just who are these Labour Party members…

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