Austerity Kills the Poor and Creates Deeper National Debt

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It is time for British Politics to present an alternative to the Austerity Myth

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  1. Austerity Kills:  It Always Kills, and Brings a Worse Economy

New Labour derides Corbyn for being Anti Austerity. Jeremy Corbyn has given the retort to his Labour critics that his mandate to lead the party would stretch beyond Westminster if he won the Labour leadership contest to succeed Ed Miliband.

Amid rising concern among established Labour figures at the huge numbers of members being behind the momentum for the veteran leftwinger, Corbyn said his campaign had captured a public mood against austerity also seen in Spain, Greece and the US.

Bearing in mind that membership since Jeremy Corbyn announced his leadership bid had increased more than in the last two thirds of a century. (1)

  1. Austerity: The Daftest Idea in History, in A Recession

Austerity is not tough for…

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