Thinking of Joining Labour? Join us!

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Thinking of Joining Labour? Then Join us!

Many people have been surprised at the support shown for Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate for leader of the Labour Party. The truth is, he is different and refreshingly so.

Now this new-found optimism, – this spark – is igniting the hopes, and yes aspirations of thousands of caring, people around the country. Hard Left?  This is the language of the Tory press, and we need to use our own vocabulary. Jeremy Corbyn is not hard, he is compassionate. He is not extreme left – his policies are  moderate, pragmatic, sensible, socially desirable and formulated to bring justice, fairness, equality and opportunity to the people of this country. (policy link). He offers security to the disabled, sick and elderly. He gives hope to the young with policies such as building housing, protecting the NHS, of a national education system, life-long learning…

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