An Open Letter to my Comrades in the Labour Party

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An Open Letter to my Comrades in the Labour Party

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CX4JE5 Rare 1940's vintage UK Labour Party enamel badge, featuring the Liberty logo which was used until 1983

I am so, so sad. What is happening to our beloved party? To which I have belonged for nearly 50 years, having joined the Young Socialists at the age of 15. Yes I have always been on the left of the party, but that’s fine – like any democratic organisation we are an amalgamation of those with differing points of views and sometimes the votes at conference may not agree with our individual wishes. But that is democracy – or what I have always believed. 

I voted for other candidates in the last few leadership elections, but supported those elected as I believe a loyal member should. I will do the same this time if my choice is not that of the majority of my comrades.

 However I honestly believe that Jeremy Corbyn will be the best…

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