Call for DWP Death Statistics will Not Go Away with ‘Start Smiling Again’.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

DWP Funded Answer to People with Mental Health Problems.

Release the Death Statistics on Benefit Cuts to Show Their Full Impact

Mark Sivier. Huffington Post.

Following last week’s budget announcement of £12billion in benefit cuts, how many people will die as a result? Dramatic as it may sound, there is already solid evidence that deaths directly correlate to the harsh family benefits caps like those the government plans to introduce. But that evidence is being hushed up. And you can help it become public by signing the petition I’ve set up on, which appeals for its release.

I’m asking Iain Duncan Smith to stop blocking the publication of these death statistics from the past four years, which reveal how many people have died within six weeks of their benefits being stopped.

Between January and November 2011, 10,600 people died while claiming Employment and Support Allowance. Some, of course…

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