Threat to Housing Benefit as 10% Claimant “Contribution” to Rent Floated.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

One of Iain Duncan Smith’s Gaffs: No Housing Benefit Problems for him!

“State benefits paid to thousands of sick and disabled people could be cut by £30 a week as part of the £12bn of welfare cuts to be implemented by the Government.” reports the Independent today. 

People on housing benefit could be forced to contribute part of their rent for the first time under measures that could be announced in next week’s Budget, which will outline some of the welfare savings promised in the Conservatives’ election manifesto. 

Housing benefit costs £26bn a year, with an average payment of £93 a week. A 10 per cent compulsory payment by tenants would save about £2.5bn a year.

The BBC gives some relevant background,

Housing benefit is thought to be an obvious target as costs have been rising in recent years, to £25bn last year.

The average weekly housing benefit payment…

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