We are not human machinery. 

The poor side of life

Karl Marx wrote a book titled capital many years ago. In it he quoted from a letter written by Edmund potter to the times during the cotton famine.

This famine hit Lancashire and other areas of the country particularly hard. What struck me is the wording that is used in this letter. Living people are reffered to as ‘human machinery’. They didn’t think to keep their ‘human machinery’ in good order they just kept it so busy that it didn’t get ideas of reacting to the terrible working conditions that they were forced to endure. Profits were too important as was child labour which was more profitable and easy to obtain.

And so capitalism was born. Nothing has changed, they just use different names for the same ideals. We are kept busy with constant unpaid workfare positions, constant job searches, working part time is now classed as underemployed and we…

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