Student raises £4k for homeless man recovering from open heart surgery after spotting him on street


coffeePicture Courtesy The Mirror.

“A kindhearted student has raised more than £4,000 to pay for a place for a homeless man to recover from open heart surgery.  Anna Loudon befriended Les Gordon after spotting him sitting outside a coffee shop in Dundee four months ago.  She had just finished work and decided to buy him a drink, reports the Daily Record.

Anna discovered that he had been on the streets for at least nine months after breaking his back in a car accident and being left unable to work.”  During that time, he endured the bone-chilling weather while being spat on, shouted at and even urinated on by passers-by.

Heartbreakingly, he has had to delay getting open heart surgery as he has nowhere safe to recover.  Anna, a Dundee University student, decided to start a fundraising page to help get him back on his feet.

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