The Queens speech… and what it will mean to the people of England. What can we do now?

The poor side of life

The Queens speech this year wasn’t expected to be a kind one, I knew that it would attack the poor and the people of England and indeed it did. She has created a smokescreen for this Tory Government to run havoc on the poorest in England. Does she read what she’s saying beforehand? Indeed she does. She’s a very intelligent woman who knows exactly what she’s doing, and who also holds more power than people realise.

She said that her government hopes to raise the “productive potential of the economy” then she said “there will be more jobs with shirkers ordered to earn or learn, and more apprenticeships. Whilst saying this this government have also committed to a harsher welfare regime . This means more sanctions because it is the DWP who decides if you are a shirker or not. Working 55 hours on a zero hour contracted job and…

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