No need for austerity if the rich paid their tax

They did no harm

The austerity measures implemented by the coalition since its rise to power in 2010 have led to many innocent UK citizens to suffer and die needlessly. Homelessness and suicides have risen dramatically, as have the number of people reliant on food banks to feed themselves and their families.

The need for austerity is a myth.  A myth that has been perpetuated by the coalition so that their super rich cronies could steal fortunes from the British public by using elaborate tax avoidance and evasion schemes while also siphoning off massive amounts of tax payers money via the privatisation of profitable public services.

When the bankers crashed the world economy due to their casino style trading methods back in 2008, they also exposed a colossal hole in the UK’s finances. This financial black hole has been impossible to fill due to the coalitions failure to clamp down on tax evasion and…

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