Newcastle businessman launches new energy provider just for the North East


A new energy provider will be launched this week – and it’s just for the North East.

Future Energy promises cheaper bills, accurate meter readings, and free smart meters.

Managing director Tim Cantle-Jones has also vowed to create local jobs and help the community by ploughing a percentage of his profits into charity.

The new face in the market will be launched at the Institute of Mining Welfare at Westgate Road, Newcastle, on Thursday at a launch attended by business leaders from the region.

It’s just the latest venture from a man who has moved from sports management to festivals and now into business.

He has a letter of congratulations from Nelson Mandela for his achievements in integrating sport in South Africa after the end of Apartheid.

He has also been involved in a drive to bring beach volleyball into town centres and as director of the Millennium Festival was…

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