Why I will never apologize for being left wing, and why Labour shouldn’t either.

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The election happened last week, the Conservatives were elected, and people are angry. I know this not just because people are taking to the streets, but because I wrote a letter. It’s nearly on 300,000 views. The most views I’d had on anything before that was two and I’m pretty sure they were both from my mum. But this time people read it, and people agreed with it. And their voices need to be heard. A shift to the right disregards all those who voted for Labour because they were the closest they could get to left wing. And a shift to the right takes away any possibility of real change.  The middle ground is not some promised land, it’s the barren wasteland that politics has become, full of spin doctors, marketing and personality politics.

If Labour ever want to win they have to stop being ‘not the conservatives’ and…

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