GE 2015: Defying Analysis

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by Martin Odoni

Has all this been real?

Right from the moment the BBC announced the outcome of the Exit Poll at 10pm, I have had to convince myself repeatedly I am not having a horrible dream. How has this happened?

How has David Cameron gone from only managing to form a coalition Government as a successor to the deeply-unpopular Gordon Brown – the Prime Minister of the Credit Crunch – to getting an outright majority, after five years of leading the nastiest, cruellest, most bumbling administration in living memory?

How had all the opinion polls that pointed to another Hung Parliament with Labour and the Conservatives neck-and-neck managed to be so hopelessly wide of the mark, while still predicting the fates of the other parties with a reasonable degree of accuracy?

How has Ed Miliband, who looked like he already had one foot in the door of 10 Downing…

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