Nick Clegg’s Advanced Driving Skills and Tips

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Advanced Driving Skills & Tips

by Nick Clegg

Hi! I’m Nick and I’m going to be giving you some expert tips on how to maneuver, spin, do amazingly tight u-turns and reverse at break-neck speed.

First of all, please don’t be put off by the apparent difficulty of these maneuvers – you’ll be amazed how easy some of these tricky moves are to execute once you’ve been in power for a bit.

A bit of practice and I promise you, just like me you will be able to expertly turn, twist and spin your policies so fast that the strong smell of principles burning can be detected everywhere. I can assure you after very little time in power it will become second nature to you to spin, do u-turns and be just as evasive as I am.

First out the bag …

The Handbrake U-Turn

Not just any u-turn but a turnaround so…

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