Eighty Suicides Linked To Coalition Cuts, Say Disability Campaigners

Same Difference

A huge number of disabled, sick and vulnerable people took their lives due to savage Tory benefits cuts, campaigners have warned.

And they believe even more will suffer and die if David Cameron wins the election.

Research from the Black Triangle campaign group found more than 80 cases of suicide directly linked to billions of pounds in benefit cuts.

John McArdle, co-founder of Black Triangle, said: “The Dept of Work and Pensions refuses to reveal the findings of their own peer reviews of suicides linked to the sanctions so we will never know the truth in those cases.

“We are supposed to be living in a democratic society where Parliament hold the executive to account but even they cannot find out. It is scandalous.”

He said the Work Capability Assessment regime applied to all sick and disabled people, without adequate risk assessment ‘built into the system’.

He added: “If it…

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